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Welcome to The Lakeland Loft!

Cigar Lounge, Jazz Club, and More
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Welcome to The Lakeland Loft, an ultra-premium upscale Jazz and cigar lounge, located in beautiful historic downtown Lakeland. With over 4000 square feet of Oxford-style decor, The Lakeland Loft is a jewel amongst cigar lounges. With crystal chandeliers and hand-painted portraits adorning the interior, The Lakeland Loft features a classic-style signature beverage bar combined with a 250 seat lounge area; we have four large distinct private rooms, each professionally equipped and elegantly furnished, creating the ideal location for private parties and cooperate events. We also offer balcony seating that overlooks beautiful Munn Park.

The Lakeland Loft is the perfect establishment for a perfect night of relaxation The Lakeland Loft offers an unique musical experience with the excitement and smooth vibes of live Jazz featuring talented local musicians every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Combined with an international selection of fine spirits, our climate-controlled walk-in Wine Room provides the ideal temperature for premium selections from various regions around the world. The Lakeland Loft is an evolution in cigar and jazz lounges, created to offer perfection in service as a sanctuary for those who enjoy fine cigars, premium spirits, art and culture. Featuring a luxurious interior decor, walls lined with hand-painted portraits from community artists and local musicians resonating the halls with authentic jazz, The Lakeland Loft is the ideal venue for enjoying life’s pleasures. Leave your worries, take a break. COME AND VISIT


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